Hugh A. Rose

Actor / Writer / Consultant

Mission Statement


The Miracle of Existence

A Modern Presentation of Cosmology, as the Key for
the Metaphysical Interpretation of all Religions

Written and presented by Hugh A. Rose

In The Miracle of Existence, Hugh asks us to consider the possibility that we don’t really “exist”, however much it seems to us that we do. But rather that the ultimate reality is the VOID, out of which, in a Big Bang explosion of Consciousness, miraculously appears the Ultimate Fantasy, “Existence”. And we are like Cartoon Characters projected onto the infinite, phantasmagorical 3D Screen of the Universe where this Fantasy is NOW SHOWING.

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An animated, musical feature film script
by the Father / Mother / Daughter team;
Hugh A. Rose, Prema Rose, and Suryananda Rose.

A boy's adventure through the Circus of Life,
leads him on a quest to find the Circle of Gold,
bring balance to the world,
and to answer his burning questions:
"Who am I?", "Why am I here?",
and "Where is here, anyway?"

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