Hugh A. Rose

Actor / Writer / Consultant

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The Actor

More than 25 years experience as an actor and director in a wide variety of media.

The Consultant

Providing expert auditing, training, and procedure writing and consulting services.

About Hugh
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The Miracle of Existence

A Talk about Cosmology
as Life Science for the Modern World

Written and Performed By Hugh A. Rose

Gain a new perspective on Creation,
as Hugh redefines the Big Bang as
an explosion of Consciousness that
our body machines are able to access.

Coming soon on DVD

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An animated, musical feature film
by the Father / Mother / Daughter team;
Hugh A. Rose, Prema Rose, and Suryananda Rose.

A boy's adventure through the Circus of Life,
leads him on a quest to find the Circle of Gold,
bring balance to the world,
and to answer his burning questions:
"Who am I?", "Why am I here?",
and "Where is here, anyway?"

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Saint Nicholas is Coming to Town

A play about the real St. Nicholas and how he became known as Santa Claus.

Written By Hugh A. Rose

Script available now...

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Reading Rumi

Audio Books performed by Hugh A. Rose

Stay tuned for upcoming DVD.

Stay tuned to purchase here....

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Recording the Classics

Audio Books performed by Hugh A. Rose

Stay tuned for a variety of classic novels

Available to download in the future.

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Sacred Readings

Presented by Hugh and Rev. Bonnie Rose

A collection of clips from Sunday Services.

Free to view.

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